10 Feb
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Tactical Gear 101 with 5.11 Tactical

Slash resistant gloves, boots, eyewear, watches, clothing, bags and under garments are just a small run of the 5.11 tactical product line. Law authorization, Fire and EMS all need tactical gear, so whatever there requirement is, there is one name known, and that is 5.11. Assuming that you are in law enforcement, fire or EMS then you will realize that the gear you need is pivotal in helping you do your job. From watch officers uniforms to backpacks the extent all has one thing in as something to be shared and that is quality.

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5.11 Tactical Bags: A Collision of Sturdiness and Durability

The 5.11 tactical bags are the leading foremost recreational and professional kits. These tactical bags are manufactured using the highest quality materials and are perfect for storing all your gear supplies and devices. Whether you are using these versatile bags for work or play, they are built to satisfy all of your needs.
5.11 Tactical bags are multipurpose and therefore have many uses. Some of them include:

Carrying your navigation equipment such as maps, flashlights, camping flares and radio’s during camping trips.

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4 Dec
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Your Law Enforcers and Tactical Panels by 5.11 Tactical Equipment

A tactical panel is a bag used by law enforcement to carry an array of tactical equipment used by authorities. The bag is designed in a manner that it can hold almost everything that law enforcers such as the police would require in their duties. The interior of the bag is spacious enough to hold things that the law enforcer would need but cannot carry in their pockets. The exterior of the police bag is also specially designed with assortment of additions that the law enforcer might need in emergency situations such as gloves, handcuffs, torch and button amongst others.

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17 Jun

5.11 Tactical Offers Women Options

Many women in law enforcement know what it’s like to live in a man’s world, where all the equipment seems to be tailored for male police officers only.
Not only is the police uniform usually not made for fashion or to look flattering, it’s often not made to be comfortable or especially wearable for the female body. For that reason, many women in law enforcement prefer uniforms and items that are tailored towards women. Here’s a few items we recommend especially for women police:
5.11 Tactical Women’s Holster Shirt
The 5.

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10 Jun

Preparing for Mass Shootings With the Right Equipment

In lieu of the Santa Monica, CA Shooting Spree near yet another college campus, it seems law enforcement and emergency personnel must be readier than ever for unexpected shootings. Often shooting suspects seemingly come out of nowhere, causing mass devastation. Police, fire and rescue and EMS must be ready to respond as quickly as possible to reduce potential loss of life and injuries. The Santa Monica shooter is believed to have killed his parents and burned down his house before running the streets killing wildly.

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